Grade Beam Foundation System

In the videos below the first steps to creating a Grade Beam Foundation system are being installed. This grade beam foundation system will be secured to the ground with foundation anchors known as helical piles. In this project the helical piles have been placed 8 feet apart and anchored into the ground to a depth of 44 feet. In order to reach five thousand foot pounds of pressure it was necessary to go to that depth.

Grade Beam Foundation System Is Designed by Structural Engineers

Before a grade beam foundation system is installed structural engineers research the project and order a boring test to determine the quality of the soil condition and the building load factors.
After the test results are reviewed the structural engineer will specify how many helical piles are needed and how much pressure must be attained to handle the building load.
The depth of the piling will be determined as they are being installed. Reaching the predetermined pressure reading will insure that the helical pile has reached load bearing strata.

Grade Beam Foundation System Uses Helical pilings

After the pilings are installed pile caps will be secured (see the video below)
Each pile cap will be formed and reinforced with rebar and a concrete platform will be poured. Then the grade beam walls will be formed and poured (see the 2nd video below to see how this is done.

The two videos below were taken in Long Beach, Long Island and are good examples of Grade beam foundation systems. The Videos are courtesy of Helical Piles of New York ( and High Rise Industries Inc. (