Concrete Block Foundations vs Poured Concrete Foundations

In this article I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both concrete block foundations and poured concrete foundations. Before I can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both I will briefly explain how each of these two foundations are constructed.

Concrete block foundations

The block foundation is constructed of large concrete blocks typically measuring 8 inches wide by 16 inches long, they do however, and many other sizes depending on the weight load of the building that’s to be constructed. Whatever size blocks are being used will be secured together with mortar and will be resting on a concrete footing deep enough and wide enough to accommodate the blocks being used.


Completed Block Foundation Long Beach NY

These blocks are installed similar to bricks in that they use an overlapping pattern to interlock them together, to ensure strength and stability. Concrete blocks are hollow and are joined together using a mortar mix. When installed by concrete foundation professional steel bars known as re-bar will connect the blocks to the footing. Unfortunately when not done professionally this step is often overlooked.

When done properly the steel rebar is inserted into the footing while it’s being constructed, knowing exactly where to place the re-bar and how to use it properly is knowledge that only can be acquired through experience. Many homeowners unfortunately are under the misconception that constructing a cement block foundation is a do-it-yourself task. Even when professionally done concrete block foundations have their disadvantages.

Block foundations advantages and disadvantages
The major advantage of a block foundation is there are no complicated heavy wooden forms to configure and secure properly. Blocks are fairly light and easy to install by anyone with some Masonary experience. When properly reinforced with steel re-bar and filled with mortar concrete block foundation are strong and well insulated. Fortunately filling each block with mortar tends to be not done as often as it should be done. When the blocks are not filled or properly reinforced concrete block foundations are relatively weak. The mortar used to join the blocks together is prone to leakage and is perhaps the weakest link in the foundation itself.

Poured concrete foundation



Poured concrete foundation is a job for a concrete professional. Large heavy wooden walls will be constructed and secured properly to deal with the amount of pressure that they will be subjected to. Concrete will be poured into these wooden forms in one continuous pour, guaranteeing that there are no weaknesses. Steel reinforcing bars referred to as re-bar will have already been installed into the footing before the concrete pour is made. Making sure the strength and stability of the concrete poured walls. Unlike block foundations poured concrete foundations have no joints and no weak points. There are no mortar joints and no hollow openings any ware on the foundation.
Poured foundation benefits and disadvantages:
poured concrete foundation

Discovering disadvantages to a poured foundation is challenging. Poured foundations need specialized skills and equipment not quickly accessible to the property owner.
I like to discuss the benefits of poured concrete foundations and they are as follows;
1. When the foundation treatments, the concrete forms can rapidly be put together quickly and taken down and reuse.
2. Laying a poured foundation can be quicker than building a cement block foundation.
3. The design of poured foundation is a lot more flexible than a block foundation.
4. Poured walls are seamless which makes them less likely to leak then block building.
5. Poured foundations are just done by professional concrete foundation installers this ensures that the task will be done effectively.
The entire structure depends on the integrity of its foundation a less-than-perfect foundation will just cause problems in the future. If you need any assistance choosing in between concrete block foundations and pour concrete foundations for your particular needs, contact us at High Rise Industries Incorporated for a free consultation.