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Helical Pier Foundation Systems

Helical pier foundation systems are designed, tested, and proven for applications in expansive soils, high water tables, and unstable soils such as those soils that cost line homes on Long island and New Jersey experience.

At High Rise Industries we are committed to providing custom engineered helical pier foundation systems that meet performance requirements as specified by our customers. Our extensive experience spans the residential, commercial, and industrial markets. Helical steel piles and helical piles for new construction are part of our installation capabilities. We will optimize your foundation for all load ranges using a combination of foundation technologies.

Helical Piles and Piers are used worldwide to secure residential and commercial buildings, tower foundations, heavy equipment foundations and many other deep foundation applications. Helical pier foundation systems  is a proven technology that is being used on new construction as well as repair and renovation work. Helical Piles are a very effective solution for foundation repair where soil conditions require deep piles to be installed. There are several competitive advantages for using helical piers versus other systems, especially when working with an existing building.

Advantages of Helical Pilings

1. Important advantage of utilizing a helical pier foundation system is that, although they can be used for new construction projects, they are ideal for new construction and remodeling projects to be built on unstable soils. . Rather than removing the existing foundation, contractors install helical piers under the existing foundation to create a deep foundation system. This is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

2. These are just a few of the advantages of using helical piers. Because every project is a little different, any number of factors could make them the right solution for your project. Check with a structural engineer or local foundation repair service provider, such as High Rise Industries to see what foundation recovery solution will correct your distressed foundation.

3. Helical piers have changed the way foundations are designed and built. Helical steel piers can be installed in place of conventional driven wood, steel, auger cast, and caissons. These piers are faster and install with a minimal amount of landscaping damage. An hydraulic auger mounted on a skid steer or mini-excavator is used to screw in the helical pile thru the soil as torque is monitored to achieve required load capacities.

4. This environmentally friendly system provides a clean and  quick installation procedure to keep projects on schedule.  A steel plate is fastened on top of the pile and encased into the new concrete foundation. The pile can be loaded immediately.

5. Unlimited uses for helical piles: Home extensions, underpinning existing foundation, concrete footings , foundations, and retaining walls. As well as  Concrete slabs, decks piers, generator pads, commercial projects, and reinforce existing foundation for second story additions.

Image Below is an example of a Helical Pier Foundation System In a Flood Zone

  • Avoid Relocating or Demolishing Your Home.
  • Protect and Reinforce Your Home Foundation.
  • Withstand Future Storm Surge.
Helical Pier Foundation System

Helical Pier Foundation System


Foundation Underpinning


5 stars

Testimonial from Denis Kaminek


My name is Denis Kaminek. I decided to write this brief testimonial because I felt compelled to inform my fellow Long Islanders who are contemplating raising their homes to avoid future floods, that there are some very good and competent contractors that I had the good fortune of hiring to work on my home.

I live in Hampton Bays and during hurricane Sandy my home, like so many others on Long Island, was flooded. I decided that I was going to have my house raised above the flood level so that we would never suffer damage to our home again. Raising a home is a big project so I began doing my research.
After a ground boring test indicated that my soil was too soft to support a typical foundation footing, I consulted with my architect and contractor and concluded that the best method of securing my home was to use a helical pile foundation system. I did extensive research on helical pile manufacturers and installation contractors. My research convinced me that Chance manufactured helical piles were the helical piles I wanted used under my home. Chance helical piles have been manufactured here in the United States for over one hundred years and made with United States steel.
Chance helical piles are only sold and distributed to certified Chance helical pile installers, which ensures that the product is installed properly and fully warranted. These are all important considerations when installing helical piles.
I spoke with the two gentlemen who were going to do the installation of the helical piles — Silvio and Danny Rebelo from High-Rise Industries. After our first conversation I realized that they had the experience and knowledge to get the job done right. They are the owners of a family business located here on Long Island. Both Silvio and Danny were easy to talk to, and were always on time for all their appointments. Throughout the whole process they explained everything and reassured me that I had made the right choice.

On a project of this magnitude, cost factors can become sizable. High-Rise Industries quoted me a price for the installation of helical piles and stuck to it. There were no hidden or added costs and their price was fair and very competitive. During the installation Silvio explained the entire procedure to me and patiently answered all of my questions.

Silvio and Danny Rebelo from High-Rise Industries are hard-working, trustworthy people who are excellent at what they do. They do their work in a timely and professional manner and I have already recommended them to my friends and neighbors. I have only known them for a short time but I feel like we have developed a friendship.

Denis Kaminek

Please feel free to publish the above testimonial, if you so desire.

Denis Kaminek
5 stars

High Rise Industries Reviews

Testimonial  from David Haller

My name is David Haller and I reside in Cedarhurst, N.Y. My wife and I filed expansion plans to our home with the Town of Hempstead. The plans called for 13 exterior piles with 2 pile caps and 1 interior pile with cap.

Everyone always says to be very careful with the contractors or installers. This project made me very nervous. If the pile installation is not correct or completed in shoddy fashion, the safety of my home and family will always be at risk. The other unknown, is the depth of the piles. A boring test was completed to measure the depth until bedrock is reached. The depth in one spot was 19’. However, that does not mean that the depth for all 13 piles will be the same. Depth could be more than 19’ and therefore additional extension piles will be needed at additional cost beyond the quotation. I met Danny and Silvio and after speaking with them for 5 minutes, I knew these were the right guys. I can read people very well, and I just had a feeling that not only did they know what they were doing, but they would do it right and treat me fairly. I hired High Rise Industries.

I did interview another pile installer. This installer was cheaper in cost (not significantly), but I just had a bad feeling. I found out from other individuals in the neighborhood that used him, that this other installer was low balling the price to get the jobs and had no intention of ever meeting it. But once he started, the price skyrocketed and there was nothing the home owner could do.

My pile installation was not an easy task. We expanded the house 5’ x 20” in the backyard and 5’ x 40’ to the side. There was very little space between my house and the neighbor’s house that we were expanding too. I was amazed by how expertly they drove the bobcat through these tiny spaces. No property of mine or my neighbors was damaged in the endless amount of trips back and forth.

Upon digging, they found all kinds of garbage that was buried as fill by the original builders. The garbage was carefully removed and disposed of in accordance with the law. However, the issue was what else was below the ground that we could not see that could possibly damage the pile upon entry, cause damage to the pile and then I have to purchase another pile at a heavy cost. The piles were put in slowly and if Danny felt any resistance, he pulled back and up to avoid damaging the pile. This shows how much he cared not only about the job, but my pocket as well. Silvio was in the hole making sure of proper placement. Remember, there are 13 different locations. Installing was a slow and tedious process. In the end, very successful, with no damaged piles.

Pile installation was completed with a digital drill attached to the end of a bobcat. Although I cannot explain the process clearly, I believe the digital drill allows for a more precise and accurate depth measure, torque and clarity that the pile is being installed in the correct way. I would suggest contacting Danny or Silvio for a more complete explanation. They answered every question I had, and there were many. I cannot say I understood every answer, but I am okay with that.

Then came the cement and foundation walls followed by filling the base with crushed rock to prevent settling and finally the cement floor. Again getting a cement truck on the property to the needed areas was tricky. Again, High Rise took the most care and making sure the surrounding areas took no damage.

It is important to note that my family was living in the house at the time and in no way did anything impede our living. They took care to avoid or re-route electrical lines to keep us powered.

I also want to point out that High Rise checked under the existing structure to make sure that the existing piles that exist as part of the original construction were in good shape.

This past Monday, Danny inserted a pile with pile cap in my kitchen, under a cement retaining wall to support the steel beam that will be placed flush in the ceiling. This beam will allow us to remove the current kitchen stud wall and make a more open concept. Since we did not want any posts, the pile was needed. This was completed without issue as well.

The house is built on a slab. We needed to jackhammer the floor in various areas to install new sewer waste lines. High Rise took care of the demo and after the pipes were installed, filled the hole with crushed stones under the floor and pipes to prevent settling. They will be back next week to fill the floor with cement suitable for tiling.

Let me give you the bottom line. If need helical piles installed and you want the job done correctly, timely and fairly, you need to use High Rise industries. Danny and Silvio have spent much time at my home during this project. We have become friends. We never had one argument or disagreement. They were always fair and upfront. They are not looking to beat you up. They do not come in and blow up your property and let all hell break loose. Every morning I got a report from them of what the plan was for the day. I was always in the loop. If they encountered a problem, I was always notified and then I was provided with options/ suggestions on how they planned to alleviate the problem. I feel lucky and privileged to have had them here. I will actually miss them when they are done. I wish them the best.

David Haller

David Haller